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If you are waking up with a headache or sore jaw muscles, you may have teeth grinding habit otherwise called clenching or bruxism. Teeth grinding can lead to loose, sensitive or painful teeth. It can also destroy the jaw joint, surrounding gum and bone tissue. What causes teeth grinding? The most common cause of teeth grinding is stress or anxiety. Other causes include:

• Sleep disorders

• Smoking

• Excessive drinking of tea and coffee

• Certain medications side effect

• Tooth alignment problems

In children, teeth grinding may be present due to irritation in the mouth, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, crooked teeth and sometimes stress.

How do I know if I have teeth grinding habit? For many people, it is an unconscious habit. Teeth grinding can result in any of the following signs:

• Wearing of teeth leading to loose, broken or sensitive teeth and broken fillings

• Disrupted sleep

• Ear/facial/ jaw pain or headache

Some self-help tips:

• Consciously train yourself not to grind your teeth. Positioning the tip of your tongue between your teeth can help to relax the muscles. Applying warm, wet washcloth against your cheeks in front of your ears can also help.

• Find ways to reduce stress like listening to music, reading a book, etc.

• Avoid excessive caffeine and smoking

• For children make sure they are relaxed before going to sleep and keep them hydrated.

The dentist can help in identifying the cause and the treatment required to stop the habit and fix the damages already caused.

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