Arabia Insurance Company implementing public safety plan

AIC Fire Drill

Arabia Insurance Company recently adopted an “Emergency Response Plan –ERP”, to deal with various emergency cases in collaboration with a company specialized in this field.

In this context, Arabia Insurance has successfully performed a fully simulated evacuation drill on February 15, 2017. This evacuation replicated the rapid containment and absorption of damage resulting from unforeseen circumstances. The Drill, which involved a mocked fire scenario in the company’s Head Office located in Ein Mreisseh area, ensured the readiness of the whole building and staff to properly react against such circumstances.

The success of the drill was the result of continuous work to ensure adequate safety requirements inside the building, in addition to the training and development of Arabia Insurance staff and their skills, to enable them to deal with different emergency scenarios. The trainings included first aid and triage trainings with specialists in this field, and fire-fighting techniques with the Civil Defense.

The General Manager of Arabia Insurance, Mr. Samer Abou Jaoude, thanked the Governor of Beirut, H.E. Ziad Shabib, the security forces, Beirut fire brigade, the Lebanese Red Cross, the staff of the company and the organizing company for their participation and contribution to the success of the live experience.