Steak Bar Sushi shakes up Lebanon’s dining scene


Beirut, 16 November, 2016 – Steak Bar Sushi, the restaurant bringing to the Lebanese a new dining experience has opened its doors in Naccache, Metn adding one more landmark to Lebanon’s culinary map

Steak Bar Sushi is a unique concept restaurant that parallels new trends in the food and beverage industry, in particular those encouraging local dining experiences through increasing the number of outlets in areas outside the capital, offering a wide array of market amenities to those seeking a vibrant dining scene without having to drive to Beirut.

The launch event gathered some of the country’s media figures, including food experts and aficionados, who were first handedly introduced to the concept by Charbel Elie Makhlouf and Cristel Charbel Makhlouf, owners and concept creators behind Steak Bar Sushi.

“We want our guests to be continuously entertained in unconventional ways, by living the Steak Bar Sushi experience through letting themselves be carried away by a very inspiring mood, by the eccentric food combinations, the waiters personas, the music, the architecture and our vibes”, said Mr. Makhlouf.

The restaurant’s design, elegant yet comfortable, boasts dark brown wooden high tables completed with leather high stools scattered around a rectangular bar placed in the middle of the venue. Next to the elegant bat stands a red maple tree, its colors reminiscent of the fusion of ingredients showcased across the Steak Bar Sushi dishes, while contrasting with the design of a traditional steakhouse. A terrace overlooking Naccache is complete with dark wooden benches and tables, welcoming guests who prefer al fresco dining, next to a “Japanese Garden” thought for those who want to experience a Japanese “floor culture” of low rise tables.

Spontaneity is at the heart of the Steak Bar Sushi concept with surprising elements present across a variety of aspects in the eatery, whether in the food menu offering an exciting take on sushi and meat, or in the “tools” available at hand replacing traditional cutlery, making for a unique culinary experience.

“We offer versatility throughout our concept so that guests can determine their own experience, whether they are here for a relaxing drink after work, or are after a delicious meal”, added Mr. Makhlouf, “The aim is for guests to leave Steak Bar Sushi with more than satisfied taste buds; the idea is for them to surrender to their senses, allowing every element in Steak Bar Sushi to leave an imprint in their soul, leaving them hungry for more”.