An unconventional journey of captivating tastes

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In a unique dining experience that brought together distinguished guests from the world of fine cuisine, mixology, fashion and media, Steak Bar Sushi, the innovative destination of the culinary industry, has delighted its guests with the exceptional experience of pairing the eccentric fusion ingredients of its menu with the world’s finest cognac to present an impeccable union of textures and aromas.


For this very special occasion, Steak Bar Sushi hosted Colin Hutton, the international expert for Rémy Martin, the world’s leading producer of Fine Champagne Cognac, to lead the invitees through a creative gastronomical journey of surprising and unconventional captivating tastes.


“Cognac is, of course, an extremely elegant, full-bodied spirit of structure and complexity yet also very versatile in its nature”, stated Hutton. “Cognac can be served neat, on the rocks, chilled, in cocktails, with a meal… while also appealing to a younger audience who enjoys drinking it in unique and exciting ways. In other words, it is not for your grandfather anymore”. He added: “The collaboration with the unique concept of the SteakBarSushi brings a touch of youthful splendor to such a traditional craft”.


“This ultimate encounter truly mirrors the passion that the restaurant and Rémy Martin share for gastronomy as an innovative art form”, reiterated Charbel Makhlouf, owner and concept creator of SteakBarSushi. “It further strengthens the restaurant’s versatility and spontaneity that extends beyond its menu. We are proud to share the SteakBarSushi philosophy by constantly teaching new ways of complementing our unique menu with exciting tasting notes, thus elevating Lebanon’s dining scene to international standards”.


In the heart of Naccache, SteakBarSushi offers a unique dining experience distinguished by its eccentric food combinations, waiters’ personas, music, architecture, and lively vibes. With a dark brown wood design, elegant yet comfortable, and a terrace overlooking Naccache, the restaurant’s concept embraces spontaneity, whether through a food menu offering an exciting take on sushi and meat, or the unconventional “tools” and elements added to complete the unique culinary experience.