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AUBMC performs the first lung transplantation in Lebanon

AUBMC performs the first lung transplantation in Lebanon The new procedure gives hope to terminal lung disease cases and raises awareness about the importance of organ donation

AUBMC performs the first lung transplantation in Lebanon The new procedure gives hope to terminal lung disease cases and raises awareness about the importance of organ donation

Beirut, 15 January 2019: In line with its commitment to providing cutting-edge medical treatment and technologies, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) performed the first lung transplant surgery in Lebanon. The procedure was performed on a patient with an end-stage cystic fibrosis lung disease and who has been homebound for the last two


‘Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé’ Continues for the Sixth Year Consecutively to Inspire More People to Lead Healthier Lives

Dubai, UAE – 10th January 2018: Nestlé, the largest Food and Beverage Company, continues to invite everyone in the Middle East to eat healthier, move more and live better through its multi-brand campaign “Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé”. Now for the sixth year consecutively, the movement serves as a conscious approach to prompt people once again

Thyroid Awareness Post

Get To Know Your Thyroid: The Multitasking Gland

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of the neck. This gland plays an essential role in the proper functioning of many organs of the human body. It secretes hormones that travel through the bloodstream and governs many functions such as: Brain development and function Eye function


Mindful Eating During Holidays

we face an abundance of food choices every day, particularly during the holiday season, the season of family & friends’ gatherings. On top of that, distractions such as televisions, computers, and smartphones have shifted our attention from eating, resulting in overeating and weight gain. Here are some recommendations to eat smart and avoid the extra

Exec Mag Nutrition Oral Health post 2018-12-1014

Proper Nutrition for Oral Health

Proper nutrition is vital to maintain the overall health of the body. If your diet is low in nutrients, your oral health will suffer and your mouth may have a more difficult time resisting infection. Eating patterns and food choices are important factors that affect our oral health. How does nutrition affect oral health? malnutrition


Anti-Diabetic Drug Dapagliflozin Associated with Important Cardiac & Renal Outcomes in Broad Type 2 Diabetes Patient Population in Landmark DECLARE-TIMI 58 Trial

Beirut, 28 November 2018: Results from DECLARE, the biggest clinical trial to assess a new class of diabetes pills called “SGLT-2 inhibitors” presented at the 2018 American Heart Association Congress, have shown that AstraZeneca’s Dapagliflozin cuts the risk of hospitalization for heart failure or cardiovascular (CV) death by 17%, provides positive renal outcomes, and has

LBCF Patient Empowerment Workshop - Group Photo

Dedicated to the specific fight of women living with advanced breast cancer The “Patient Empowerment Workshop” held its 3rd edition by the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Center of Excellence at AUBMC

Beirut, November 30th, 2018: The Lebanese Breast Cancer Association and the Breast Cancer Center at NK Basile Cancer Institute at the American University of Beirut held its 3rd edition of the annual workshop entitled “Patient Empowerment Workshop” at the Gefinor Hotel in Beirut on November the 30th, 2019. The workshop, which aimed to support women with