The Lodge Card: the Safest Corporate Travel Payment Solution from Bank Audi

Lodge Card

With the aim to provide businesses with a safe travel payment method, Bank Audi has launched its MasterCard Lodge Card, a new corporate travel payment solution that offers more safety than other traditional payment methods. The Lodge Card is indeed designed to avoid companies being exposed to any payment misuse or fraud thanks to its restricted usage features.

Mrs. Randa Bdeir, Group Head of e-Payment Solutions and Card Services at Bank Audi, said on this occasion: “We believe that travel has become an essential component of every successful business, which is why we launched the Lodge Card in collaboration with MasterCard. Designed especially for business travel expenditures and chosen by thousands of corporations worldwide, this innovative corporate travel payment solution provides special security features since it can only be used by the company at a designated travel agency. The Lodge Card also helps effectively manage and reduce travel-related expenses.”

Bank Audi Lodge Card offers a range of benefits with added security features:

  • All travel-related expenses are consolidated on one single card.
  • The card has a restricted usage and cannot be used on the internet or on POS machines outside your designated travel agent.
  • Points are earned on all expenditures made by using the card at the designated travel agent, and can be redeemed within Bank Audi’s Travel Rewards Program.
  • A complimentary travel accident and medical emergency insurance is available for the company’s employees while traveling.

Bank Audi believes that the Lodge Card is the most convenient, safe and rewarding solution for a company to manage travel-related expenses wherever it does business. Although it is designed to be used by all travel agencies in Lebanon, this solution is introduced, in a first stage, in collaboration with Kurban Travel.


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