Confidential Carolina Herrera


Herrera Confidential the most exclusive collection of perfumes of the House of Herrera.

With Herrera Confidential, Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of world of fragrances, allows us to take a close look at the fascinating history of the Herrera family.

Mother and daughter open the doors to the House of Herrera to develop a very personal project that blends the traditional with the contemporary. It is an irresistible combination of elegance, emotion and authenticity and merges her Latin roots with the cosmopolitan New York of today.

Carolina Herrera de Baez, inspired by the values of her mother, has brought to life a project that embodies her curiosity about the world of fragrances, her desire for experimentation and her search for perfection. The dream of this distinctive collection has been created through the quality and purity of the product and the impeccable presentation. This exclusive collection consists of six fragrances and four essential oils, to be used individually or to be mixed with each other to create an own personal fragrance. The bottle is made of the world’s finest glass, and stamped with the initials of the House of Herrera.

Step inside the private world of The House of Herrera through the eyes of Carolina Herrera de Baez: a combination of elegance, authenticity and luxury bottled in six exquisite fragrances in bold jewel tones, featuring the most iconic scents of modern perfumery.

Herrera Confidential effortlessly challenges both contemporary and traditional values, always staying true to the Herrera ethos: incorporating the most luxurious and natural scents, pushing them to the limits, always daring to explore the unexpected.