In a country where beauty standards are sky high, going to a Beauty SPA is common practice, a weekly activity. Whether their aim is to leave relaxed, pampered, or stylish, SPA-goers are likely to walk away with something more than they bargained for: a ruthless and repelling infection. The prestige or luxury of SPAs does not exempt them from being a nest for germs and bacteria. Due to ignorance, and oversight of what may seem like trivial details, SPA-goers may be susceptible to very serious infections due to lack of hygienic practice. In some cases, these infections can even be life threatening; they range from skin and nail fungus infections, to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and even HIV.


*Spa: In this document the term ‘SPA’ includes businesses that offer services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, massages, Oriental baths, hair and barbering services.


The buffing, clipping, shaving, waxing, trimming and steam in SPAs severely increases the risk of infection. As the pores expand and the skin becomes increasingly sensitive, it becomes more prone to infections. Therefore, the slightest exposure to unsanitary implements like scissors, clippers, aprons, towels, and even chairs, can open doors to all kinds of infections during your visit to the SPA. Here is what’s threatening to change your experience from pampering to suffering in no time.


A matter of nationwide health

Our national health is not just threatened by the trash crisis and dirty kitchens; it is also threatened by leisure activities most people don’t even consider as a risk or a danger!


GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM services offer a professional plan to all beauty outlets to achieve perfect hygienic conditions. Only when top-notch hygienic conditions are ensured, are SPAs granted the trusted seal of irrefutable quality.

This seal goes beyond warning people of the risks they are exposed to. Rather, by adopting GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM services, beauty & hair salons turn hygiene into a standard, and consequently raise national health standards considerably.


GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM services, will not only spread awareness and educate people, they will also push them to ask for higher sanitary standards nation-wide. Doing so decreases the number of contaminations, and most importantly, improves public health.


On a national scale, this seal is a downright necessity, as the Health ministry continues their battle for the implementation of health requirements and standards, by shutting down numerous outlets across the country. Countless beauty clinics fail to maintain or meet basic hygienic requirements, and continue to operate without licenses or professionals, threatening national health.


For spas three main lines must be respected: Quality, Customer Care, and Hygiene. Consumers fear for their own safety and health; businesses need to understand this, and make these concerns their top priority. This will allow them to ensure constant quality, but more importantly, to ensure the thriving of their business.


GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM seal is a proud mark to any institution, and an indicator of constant quality, and impeccable hygiene and safety standards.


After a thorough analysis and assessment of a business’ current state, GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM services deliver a practice manual during a meeting with staff. This manual addresses the state of the premises, the license, the overall sanitation process, the employee’s hygiene, and the labeling and condition of products used, just to name a few points addressed. A thorough training follows, with consequent inspections to ensure the new knowledge has been absorbed and implemented correctly. GWR’s SafSpaTM and SafSalonTM services then deliver reports after each inspection to keep track of the progress. Last but not least, follow-up meetings will be carried quarterly throughout the year.



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