Dewar’s lands in downtown Beirut The Doers’ Club is for all those who walk the talk and challenge the norms.


There has never been a dull moment in the dynamic city of Beirut, especially during the end of the year holidays. This year, The Doers’ Club has started the festivities off on a high note in collaboration with Bar Du Port and Radio Beirut, by creating the perfect after work social affair to start off your weekend; complete with music, food, and prime cocktails.

The Doers Club at Bar Du Port opened its doors on Thursday Nov 30, 2017 from 6 to 9pm for those with a thirst for a relaxed and re-defined drinking experience. The sophisticated and trendy bar is located in the heart of Beirut, catering to those that love to tantalize their taste buds. A select menu was brought to the table, where each bite is carefully created to be paired with signature Dewar’s cocktails or single malts from the Dewar’s family.

Tommy Dewar, who built Dewar’s to reach international acclaim, journeyed around the globe, visiting and sharing unique flavors from Scotland with 26 different countries. The cuisines served are inspired by Tommy’s travels, giving the customers both a cultural and historical journey into his famous ramble.

In Lebanon, musicians try their best to gain recognition and a place in the spotlight; yet they lack the existence of platforms that allow them to exercise their creative passions and be heard over the noise of political and social tensions. With the help of venues like Radio Beirut, one of the more established bars in Mar Mikhail, the trendy bar district of central Beirut, local artists finally have a platform that

allows them to play their music in an uninhibited fashion. Decidedly, Dewar’s Lebanon has partnered up with Radio Beirut and has yet again, delivered a night of musical cultivation. The city glows as a new generation of doers and shakers embrace the music scene.

Every Tuesday, starting November 14, 2017 at 9pm, The Doers’ Club will be hosting a known musical icon from the underground scene. The artist will be brought in for a live interview in the iconic radio booth, followed by an interactive and lively performance.

The Doers’ Club, in association with Bar Du Port and Radio Beirut, promises to deliver only the best entertainment, keeping the audience vibrantly engaged all throughout.

See you there!



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