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On Saturday, July 15th the world-renowned champagne house brought its 2nd edition of Moët Party Day to Lebanon. This extraordinary day was filled with smiles, fun, and celebration full of #moetmoments around the city.


“Moët Party Day” is celebrated globally in 35 markets including Australia, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Greece etc…

Lebanon, is the stand-alone country selected in the Middle East to officially celebrate the day, when Lebanese life enthusiasts had the opportunity to fully grasp the experience and the exceptional “savoir-fête” of MOËT & CHANDON.


The “Moët Party Day” Lebanon started with a heart opening yoga session at “The Blue House” with yogi Sara Sutra, in a very bubbly atmosphere. Post workout, guests were offered Mini Moët bottles and a glass of Moët Ice Impérial, alongside healthy, organic bites. Following the session guests made their way to the beach party at “Al Mandaloun Beach Club”. Activities at the beach included creative body makeup, stencil artwork in gold Moët on bodies of guests and a hair wrapping stand with gold, black and white threads, all inspired by the Moët & Chandon savoir-fête.


The celebrations went on with a sunset party at “Skin City” where a fun photo call was set up for guests to capture their own #moetmoments. The night party landed guests at “Capitole” for a wrap up of the day’s festivities.


Each of these moments were marked with the iconic Moët Brut Impérial, the refreshing Moët Ice Impérial and Mini Moët.


“Moët Party Day is a modern, fresh and vibrant take on Moët & Chandon’s greatest tradition since 1743, which is creating #moetmoment around the world,” said Arnaud de Saignes, International Director of Marketing and Communications for Moët & Chandon.


An unforgettable experience brought to Lebanon by MOËT & CHANDON.


Rendez-vous next year for the 3rd edition of Moët Party Day!