With a personal and human approach, Remi Barroux journalist for « Le Monde » came from Paris to Beirut to meet both brothers Karim et Sandro Saadé, owners of Château Marsyas (Lebanon) and Domaine de Bargylus (Syria).

Le Monde, like other valuable international publications, highlighted the perseverance of Bargylus and Marsyas in maintaining their respective productions according to the highest quality standards despite the various challenges facing them with the aim of exporting and listing their wines in the finest wines cellars and quality restaurants worldwide.

Also, journalist Remi Barroux attended a wine tasting at Château Marsyas in presence of Karim and Sandro Saadé along with Stéphane Derenoncourt, their french wine consultant who came especially from Bordeaux (France) to taste the new vintages.

As for Domaine de Bargylus, it dragged the journalist’s curiosity for the multiple day-to-day difficulties being faced while keeping the production despite the fact that the two brothers have not accessed the estate since the beginning of the conflict (march 2011).

Ending on a positive note, Remi Barroux says « (…) this is message of hope sent to the world from Syria and Lebanon ».

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