Total Liban Shares its Passion for Rugby with Media

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Beirut, 29 November, 2014 – Total Liban recently invited the media to two sporting events in order to highlight the culture of rugby: an information brunch on 25 November and the Rugby Championship final on 29 November. Indeed, Total Liban supports the LRUF by sponsoring the Beirut Phoenicians team and the Rugby Championship, which bears Total’s name: “Total Lebanese Rugby Club Championship”.

To convey its passion for rugby and encourage the promotion of this team sport that is little known in Lebanon, Total Liban held a meeting with the media on 25 November at St Elmo’s. Upon their arrival, the journalists were immediately immersed in the atmosphere. The venue had been decorated for the occasion with the colors of Total, in a setting reminiscent of rugby matches. The event began with a welcome speech by Mr. Philippe Amblard, Managing Director of Total Liban, who explained the interest of Total Liban in rugby. Then Mr. Jammal, President of the LRUF, spoke about the development of rugby in Lebanon, the achievements in this field, the goals yet to be accomplished and the rugby spirit: “It is a brutal yet, a friendly sport; after a tight game, players meet as real friends”. Photos and videos of rugby matches and teams were presented during the speech. The guests were then invited to a brunch in a friendly and festive atmosphere.
The Rugby Championship final was the second event suggested by Total Liban. Supporters of this sport watched the match on 29 November at Fouad Shehab stadium, which was decorated with the colors of Total. An enthusiastic atmosphere prevailed during the final.
Engaged in a large number of cultural, educational and sports programs, Total Liban wants to encourage youth in colleges and universities to play rugby. Mr. Philippe Amblard explained the company’s commitment to raise awareness about rugby, “This sport is a great school of life where young people learn humility, caring, respect for others and selflessness. Rugby is synonymous with courage, taking initiatives and making efforts, all of which are common values ​​with Total!” With the initiative of Total Liban, playing rugby becomes even more attractive!



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