Total Liban conducts 5th Annual Anti Sea Pollution Exercise A demonstration of leadership in fight against sea pollution

PUM 346

Beirut, 25/9/2014:  As part of its policies of risk prevention and pioneering initiatives for environmental protection, Total Liban conducted an anti sea pollution exercise on 25 September at 10 a.m. at the company’s depot in Dora.

Knowing the potential environmental risks intrinsic to the company’s field of business, Total Liban evaluates periodically the reception, storage and transportation of petroleum products, which inherently entail the risk of soil and water pollution, to minimize potential adverse effects on the environment and economic activities related thereto.

The company’s mission is to act in a responsible manner by anticipating responses to emergency situations that may arise and putting in place technical and organizational measures in order to maintain a level of protection that meets strict international standards.

The exercise simulated a situation in which sea pollution had occurred and the Total Liban team, in collaboration with the Maritime Civil Defense, deployed equipment that confined the contaminated water, preventing the pollution from spreading. Confinement and oil recovery equipment consists mainly of containment booms and oil absorbent material.

The advantage of this exercise – if any accident may occur – is not only to reduce the pollution impact on the environment, but also to minimize the adverse economic effects, which can be considerable with regards to clean up efforts.

This is the fifth consecutive annual exercise undertaken by Total Liban; the aim being to keep the level of vigilance of staff and its ability to intervene in an emergency and deploy resources, in collaboration with all relevant public authorities, up to the company’s high standards and requirements.



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