Teach for Lebanon and BLOM BANK “Spark” Together for Supporting Effective Educators

Picture Teach for Lebanon

Beirut, December 12, 2017, BLOM BANK premises in Zaitunay Bay – Teach for Lebanon held a full-day workshop on Saturday, December 9 at BLOM BANK premises in Zaitunay Bay, with the generous support of BLOM BANK who sponsored the event.

As part of Teach for Lebanon’s “Spark with Us” fund, we provided a professional training and development day for young graduates who are taking part in the NGO’s Teaching Program.

The training was inspired from the course on Visible Thinking, offered by Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and Project Zero (PZ).

The learned strategies will be implemented by the Fellows (full-time highly trained and specialized teachers) in their classrooms. Along the way, participants will be provided with support to help them integrate Visible Thinking practices into their curriculum.

Dr. Pierre Abou Ezze gave an opening speech at the event, highlighting the important role Teach for Lebanon plays in the field of education, especially in remote regions. He also shed light on the strong support BLOM BANK offers to quality education in Lebanon through BLOM shabeb program; stemming from the belief that education is the cornerstone of the social and economic development of Lebanon.


Teach for Lebanon is part of the 45-nation “Teach For All”, a global network of independent social enterprises working to expand educational opportunity in their countries by enlisting and training talented future leaders. It is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. Teach For Lebanon focuses on providing high quality education in public and free/low-fee private schools by providing full-time teachers (Fellows) who are young graduates that take part in a carefully developed two-year Fellowship Program.



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