Shop with Visa Platinum Debit card and win valuable gifts from Credit Libanais


In order to reward customers for using their cards at merchants, Credit Libanais has launched a new campaign targeting Visa Platinum Debit cardholders.


This campaign that will be running throughout the month of December 2017 gives Visa Platinum Debit cardholders the chance to win plenty of rewards upon settling their purchases at merchants in Lebanon and worldwide. A wide range of gifts is offered such as travel vouchers from Hermes Tourism & Travel, fuel cards, shopping and toys vouchers and many more. Moreover, Visa Platinum Debit cardholder having performed the highest transaction amount during December 2017, will be rewarded with one smartphone.


This campaign is one of the many initiatives that Credit Libanais is taking to reward its customers every time they use their cards at merchants, while enjoying all the benefits of the Bank’s Loyalty program.



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