A Season of More Fun at Santa’s Factory Families Gather in BeitMisk to Enjoy the Season’s Celebrations at Santa’s Factory

December 19 – 30, 2014  This Christmas, BeitMisk welcomed the season in a grand way by bringing you for a second year more fun-filled and magical moments at the now-larger Santa’s Factory. Since its inauguration in December 2013, made possible through BeitMisk’s partnership with BanqueLibano-Francaise, the Factory has expanded its activities and events, ensuring more good times, making more wishes come true, and offering a bigger world of fun, games and merriment for all.

From the 19th to the 30th of December, families from all over the country gathered in one of MiskTown piazzas– the pulsing and vibrant heart of the BeitMisk estate that will open to full capacity soon – to experience the joy and cheer of Christmas at Santa’s Factory. This first-of-its-kind location in Lebanon welcomed parents and children to its magical wonderland in a bigger, more fun and familial setting. From its Christmas-themed treats and overall mood, to over 20 activities for kids to enjoy, children over the age of 2 experienced a holiday season like never before, making the Factory’s second year anniversary a memorable one for all.

As part of each day’s activities, children enjoyed storytelling by one of Santa’s elves; met Santa and Mrs. Claus; decorated cupcakes with Mrs. Claus; enjoyed the Christmas Parade, as well as a selection of performances, magic tricks, and more. In between all the fun, visitors took time off to capture each moment at the photo stand in Santa’s very-own residence. As each day drew to a close, children headed home with big smiles and gift bags filled with items they made at the Factory, such as ceramic pieces, mini snowmen, Christmas trees and candy canes.


Mrs. Sarah ZardManoukian, Marketing Consultant at BeitMisk, said, “With the expansion of the Factory this year, we wanted children to experience more of a magical Christmas, as well as encourage the community lifestyle we foster here at BeitMisk. Through our recent expansion, our usual collaboration with different schools, and our new schedule of activities and events, we ensured that kids were able to visit and fully experience the fun at Santa’s Factory. The turnout was more than we could have hoped for, and this endeavour would not have been possible without the support of BanqueLibano-Francaise.”


Santa’s Factory is undoubtedly an organic addition to MiskTown – the beautiful, creative and evolving anchor of BeitMisk. MiskTown has been designed to provide a space where work and play merge perfectly to give residents and visitors that unique village atmosphere paired with the best in modern luxuries and amenities. From its traditional architecture and stone-paved piazzas, to its trendy locations and public squares to stroll through, MiskTown is set to become a sought-after location that will cater to all tastes, needs and lifestyles.


Thanks to all the partners who helped make this year’s event a reality. We hope to continue our fruitful collaborations in the coming years, with even more creative and unique activities, and more of that Christmas and family spirit that is the essence of Santa’s Factory.




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