LGB BANK launches first-of-a-kind credit cards in Turkish Lira and Saudi Riyal currencies

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Beirut, July 16, 2015: Whether living in or planning a trip to the KSA or Turkey, LGB BANK, in collaboration with Visa, launched two, exclusive currency credit cards in the Saudi Riyal and Turkish Lira currencies.

Specifically designed to deliver the ultimate travel experience with value-added benefits, customers can now enjoy the flexibility of a rewarding shopping experience across the KSA and Turkey by paying in the local currencies, without the concern of managing conversion fees.

Mr. Samer Itani, Vice Chairman and CEO at LGB BANK, explained the introduction of the Turkish Lira and Saudi Riyal Card falls under the strategy of creating innovative services and programs that provide consumers with simple and secure features, adding, “The cards expand our Credit Card services nationwide and in the regional market, as well as undoubtedly enhance the cardholders’ experience by providing better services.”


The launch of the innovative cards follows the inauguration of several other cards by the bank in different currencies, such as the

UAE Dirham, Sterling Pound, American Dollar, Euro, and Lebanese Pound cards. All of these cards are especially designed to satisfy customers’ needs, whether they are visitors or residents in these countries, enabling them to pay their purchases without any additional currency fees.


Cardholders can benefit from a wide line of services such as free access to more than 500 international airports and VIP lounges, including Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, KSA, Turkey, UK, and US, amongst others. These cards also feature various services such as Fraud Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Personal Incidents Insurance offered to the cardholder and his family, in addition to International Concierge Services consisting of hotel reservations and discounts, as well as merchandise guarantee purchased via the card. The cardholder can also benefit from the loyalty program by LGB BANK which allows to collect points when shopping and replace them with cash money, gifts, vouchers, or even donate them to charity.


Mr. Ramzi Sabouri, Manager of Visa in Lebanon, explained Visa is pleased to cooperate with LGB BANK in launching the new Visa Signature products which will grant customers flexibility in payment using the Saudi Riyal and Turkish Lira currencies. Business travelers and tourists can now benefit from safe payment procedures without having to worry about the inconvenience of currency conversion anymore, adding that, “Visa cards are not only valid in

shopping centers but in all ATMs as well and offers holders special and exclusive benefits both locally and internationally. We applaud LGB BANK for its continuous efforts in promoting electronic payments abroad and look forward to joining them in their future achievements.”

LGB BANK offers differentiated products and high quality banking services such as online banking through the LGB BANK website (www.lgbbank.com), mobile banking through the LGB Mobile application, as well as the 24/7 customer service for those who seek high end secure banking. LGB BANK’s new currency credit cards can be purchased by calling customer services on 01/965965, applying online through the LGB website or social media channels, or by visiting any of the 17 local LGB BANK branches.


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