Lebanese Entrepreneur Ziad Sankari, Founder of CardioDiagnostics, Gets Selected to Join Endeavor’s Global Network of High-Impact Entrepreneurs

Ziad Sankari

Beirut,  Sept, 2015 – Ziad Sankari, founder of CardioDiagnostics, was selected by Endeavor to receive support and mentorship while expanding his businesses globally, making him the 25th  Lebanese entrepreneur embraced by Endeavor Lebanon, a testament to the country’s strong entrepreneurship culture and its creative and ambitious people. The selection took place at Endeavor’s 60th International Selection Panel in San Francisco, USA.


Established in the USA with global R&D offices, the company develops proprietary technologies for wireless monitoring of cardiac patients and providing cardiac care solutions.

CardioDiagnostics is focused on helping physicians diagnose and treat patients with cardiac problems and make sure they receive vital cardiac information needed to make a proper diagnosis while patients

continue normal day-to-day lifestyle. LifeSense, the FDA-approved wireless monitoring device, automatically detects, records, and transmits a wide range of cardiac events that allow physicians to monitor patients continuously, in real time up to 30 days.

The abnormality is detected via an electrocardiography analyzer, sent, documented, and reported to the doctor. Healthcare professionals can then analyze the data and respond to critical events, saving lives and making accurate diagnoses. The GPS coordinates can also be transmitted, which allows for medical assistance to reach a patient as fast as possible.


In the span of a few years, CardioDiagnostics won first place at the 2011 Global Innovation through Science and Technology’s (GIST) Tech-I competition. Through GIST, a U.S. Department of State funded initiative, Sankari received his first round of seed funding and traveled through various U.S. cities to expand his network.

“We want to empower pioneers like Ziad Sankari to improve the way we respond to cardiac incidents, which will have enormous ramifications not just in places like Lebanon but potentially all around the world. So, thank you, Ziad, for helping to save lives”, mentioned President Barack Obama.


The Lebanese entrepreneur was selected from a total of 34 entrepreneurs from 23 countries to join the Endeavor Network. These candidates went throughintense hour-long panel interviews with Endeavor board members and mentors, before being selected to join Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ network. The panelists debated each entrepreneur’s case in discussions that led to a unanimous vote on all winning entrepreneurs, and helpful feedback for the rest of entrepreneurs to improve their businesses.


Endeavor Lebanon continues to look for ambitious, High-Impact Entrepreneurs with leadership potential to grow, create jobs and accelerate the country’s economic growth. Please visit the Endeavor Lebanon website for more information www.endeavorlebanon.org.



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