“Fenicia Bank” opens new branch in Jounieh as part of its “expansion and growth strategy” to “Meet the customer needs”


As part of its “expansion and growth strategy” to meet the financial needs of its customers and expand the Bank’s scope of service, Fenicia Bank opened a new branch in Jounieh on Tuesday September 19th.

The opening ceremony was attended by prominent political, economic and banking figures, deputies and the President of the Jounieh Municipality as well as few of Fenicia Bank’s board members.

Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager of Fenicia Bank Abdul Razzak Achour said that the bank has started off in its headquarters in the heart of Beirut and is now opening a branch in the city of Jounieh “heart of Keserwan and its vibrant and beautiful capital, protected by the Lady of Lebanon in Harissa,” describing it as “the oldest city with authentic heritage and noble modernity.”

Fenicia Bank is a name inspired by Phoenicians – a national bank with international standards, specialized in internal and external finance as primary activity and participating in economic growth through the development of its branch network in all Lebanese regions,” Achour said. “This is why our Bank’s logo is a sail moving forward.”

He pointed out that the opening of the 18th branch “stems from the Bank’s strategy to expand and grow to meet the financial needs of its customers and expand the scope of service, to contribute to the development of Jounieh, providing financing to individuals, institutions and startups and helping them benefit from the economic stimulus policy adopted by Banque du Liban for years.”

He stressed that the strength of Fenicia Bank comes from “financial indicators and the application of international standards and rules in terms of capitalization, liquidity, solvency and good governance, which represent the main concerns of the Bank’s management, with the full support of shareholders.”

“We are adopting a growth strategy that’s balanced between size and solidity of the financial center, built on a firm foundation. Growth and progress are our constant goals; with vigilant steps, we are on a steady internal race to improve performance and nurture growth.”

“Fenicia Bank gives great importance to social responsibility and follows the modern principles of governance that guarantee business development and transparency across the Bank’s various operations, selecting specialized human resources based on competency, and keeping abreast of global developments of the banking industry; that’s how the bank has earned several awards in the recent years.”

“Fenicia Bank does not deal with its customers as numbers, but as added value,” he said. “We are proud of our customers and our mutual trust – a key part of our success, giving us the strength and determination to continue to fulfill our economic role,” he ended.



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