CIEH appoints Boecker chief to panel of new membership organisation

Professor Chris Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security

Beirut, July 2014:The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) announced today the appointment of Michel Bayoud, CEO of Boecker®, to the national advisory panel of its new membership organisation, the Institute of Food Safety, Integrity and Protection (IFSIP).

Mr Bayoud joins Chair Professor Chris Elliott, from Queen’s University Belfast and representatives from a diverse cross-section of organisations who are involved in all aspects across the food chain on the advisory board.

The advisory board will be receiving input from the Food Standards Agency, Public Health England, Waitrose and Aramark among others.

Mr Bayoud said: “It is a privilege to be appointed to the Advisory Panel of IFSIP. To contribute to the raising of food safety standards through the promotion of IFSIP members across the Middle East will make an important contribution to improving the integrity of the global food chain. This new Institute will provide an international platform for all those involved in food safety from both regulators and practitioners alike, to share in developing good practice across the food landscape”.

Commenting Frank Post said: “The appointment of Michel Bayoud will provide an important international dimension for the strategic development of IFSIP. As food safety and protection is a global issue, it is essential that the voice of reputable international operators for food safety training is represented”.

The Lebanon based organisation serving the whole of the Middle East, had already signed a memorandum of understanding with the CIEH to deliver CIEH training and qualifications


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