Byblos Bank launches a special card for l’Amicale des Anciens du Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura

Visa Platinum Final

Beirut – 3 August 2017: Byblos Bank and l’Amicale des Anciens du Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura announced the launch of a new affinity card designed especially for members of the association.


This new Visa Platinum Credit Card is a unique co-branded product enabling cardholders to take advantage of countless privileges, while benefiting their association every time it is used for payments locally or abroad. It features competitive interest rates and automatic enrolment in Byblos Bank Akram Program, Lebanon’s most generous card loyalty program. It also provides cardholders with access to innovative mobile applications including ByblosPay, Lebanon’s first real mobile payment application.


Dr. Wissam Boueiri, President of l’Amicale des Anciens du Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura said: “We are glad to partner with Byblos Bank and we hope that this relationship will be a mutually beneficial one.” He added: “Byblos Bank’s affinity cards are well-known for their countless benefits and advantages, and we are certain that our members will find this new card very useful.”


For his part, Mr. George Fares, Head of Group Cards, Accounts and Bancassurance at Byblos Bank, said: “Byblos Bank has always been keen on establishing constructive partnerships with key academic institutions. It is thus no surprise that we are the first bank to launch an affinity card with a school association in Lebanon.” He added: “This initiative stems from our mission to provide active members of our society with ideal banking solutions to facilitate their work.”


This affinity Visa Platinum Credit Card is offered completely free of charge for members of the association with such advantages as worldwide acceptance, flexible repayment methods, free round-the-clock access to Byblos Bank’s Customer Service, secure online payment solutions, unlimited access to the VIP airport lounges worldwide, in addition to travel and emergency insurance of up to USD 200,000. It can be obtained based on a proof of membership from l’Amicale des Anciens du Collège Saint Joseph – Antoura.



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