Byblos Bank concludes three MONEYSMART Boot Camps


Beirut, 18 July 2017 – Byblos Bank, pursuing its Financial Literacy Program for the third year in a row, supported the implementation of three MONEYSMART Boot Camps, designed by Eventa, in Beirut, Saida and Zahleh. Through this initiative, around 200 young Lebanese, aged 20-25, received insightful training to better manage their finances and plan their future.


Delivered by specialized experts, the MONEYSMART Boot Camps have put participants on the right track to think wisely about money and its healthy cycle including budgeting, earning, spending, borrowing, managing risks, leveraging skills and competencies and investing in ways to generate income and ensure financial stability. As future leaders, they will play a positive role within their communities, laying the ground for a more financially aware, inclusive and empowered society.


Petra Saliba, one of the participants, said: “Thanks to this insightful boot camp, I learned how to make the right financial decisions at every juncture in my life, and that by properly managing any small income at hand, I could increase my earnings and achieve financial success on the long term. This isn’t just simple training; it’s a life-coaching experience.”


Nada Tawil, Head of Group Communication Department at Byblos Bank, said: “At Byblos Bank, we are committed to educating future generations, and empowering citizens. This commitment stems from our belief that we can only grow as an institution through the real impact we have on our socio-economic environment, with which we constitute an ecosystem. Indeed, Byblos Bank conceived its Financial Literacy Program in order to ensure financial well-being on a national scale.”


Nina Abi Fadel, Founder and Managing Director of Eventa, said: “MONEYSMART was conceptualized in response to prevailing financial illiteracy in the country. The Program’s unique structure guarantees in-depth learning and instant change in the financial habits of participants. Eventa’s partnership with Byblos Bank ensured reaching out and building constructive relationships with the youth that holds the highest potential to change Lebanon for the better.”


The MONEYSMART Boot Camps are in line with two Financial Literracy initiatives already launched by Byblos Bank, and currently communicated via different media channels. The latter are meant to advance easy-to-understand explanations on everything from personal finance to banking and the economy.




For more information, please contact:

Elie Wehbe

Group Communication Department at Byblos Bank

Tel.: 01-335200 (Ext.: 0325)



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