Boecker®inspires women at Supermommy Beirut


Beirut, September 23,2014:Boecker®, the region’s largest Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity solutions provider,took a special approach to inspire women at the “Supermommy Beirut 2014”.Held at the Sagesse University in Furn El Chebbak, on September 20th, 2014 from 10am till 6pm,this full-day event, loaded with informative workshops inspiredand empoweredwomen in different areas of life, and allowedthem to socialize, meet women oriented NGOs and acquire new vital knowledge.

Given its importance and relevance to the company’s mission, Boecker®actively participated in the “Supermommy” schedule of eventsby leading amain workshopby the company’s Food Safety experts. Further to this, Rasha Hteit, Food Safety Manager at Boecker, conducted a presentation highlighting theessential steps to keep the family’s food hygienic and safe. Her educational session,‘Let your family eat safe’, covered topics such as food hazards and contamination with special tips ondining out safely, shopping, preparing, cooking and serving food the right way.

Mrs. Bana Kalash Kobrosly, Country Managerof Boecker®Lebanon, stated on this occasion, “We have always supported education and awareness on safe and healthy living.Women, and especially mothers, play a great role leading their families in issues related to hygiene and sanitation; a knowledge we share in the best way possible. At “Supermommy”, our workshopgave attendees key information about their everyday life, specifically when dealing with food safety and disinfecting”.

Boecker is the region’s largest specialized public health company which follows the highest international standards, and is a member in the finest international agencies.


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