BLOM BANK Takes the Peace of Mind Concept to a Whole New Level

BLOM BANK launched a new and avant-garde campaign revolving around the Bank’s mission statement anchored on providing people with Peace of Mind through its vision, mission, services and products. The campaign is based on the concept of storytelling where four visionary Lebanese directors were empowered to exploit the depth of Peace of Mind through its diverse expressions. Stories were written and filmed to entertain, educate, inspire, and touch lives; but most importantly, to portray reality and real people.

For this purpose, BLOM BANK’s advertising agency Impact BBDO elaborated on this original concept and collaborated with four high-profile directors: Philippe Aractingi, Chadi Younes, Leila Kanaan and Jad Aouad. Short movies, spanning 2 to 3 minutes were created to illustrate how different people perceive Peace of Mind and achieve it through their journeys in life.

A short version of the Expressions of Peace of Mind campaign movies will be broadcast on all local TV stations, while the full movies can be watched on BLOM BANK’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. As a continuity to this campaign, other phases will follow revolving around the same concept.


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