BLOM BANK launches BLOM PAY, a new electronic payment service first of its kind in Lebanon

BLOM BANK s.a.l – Headquarters – August 22, 2017: BLOM BANK proudly announced the launching of its new service, BLOM PAY, which allows the cardholder of any BLOM VISA card, whether debit or credit to make payments via an android mobile phone with eBLOM app quickly, safely and easily.


BLOM PAY was launched at the headquarters of BLOM BANK in an event attended by Mr. Saad Azhari – Chairman and General Manager, BLOM BANK; Mr. Nabil Tabbara – General Manager Levant, Visa; Mr. Elias Aractingi – General Manager, BLOM BANK; Mr. Antoine Lawandos- Assistant General Manager, BLOM BANK; and Mrs. Jocelyne Chahwan – Assistant General Manager, BLOM BANK.


During his speech at the launching event, Mr. Saad Azhari, Chairman and General Manager of BLOM BANK, stressed that “BLOM BANK has always been a pioneer in e-payment and at the forefront of banks who work on innovating world-class banking services and products. We are also proud to have the biggest market share of Visa cards in Lebanon, as well as being among the first banks to launch an online banking platform, eBLOM”.


“BLOM PAY is the first service of its kind in Lebanon and stands out by being available through eBLOM app; consequently the client does not need to install another application. BLOM PAY is distinguished by the fact that it was developed to include both Debit and Credit Visa cards, thus allowing clients to settle their purchases quickly, easily, and safely”.


As for Mr. Nabil Tabbara – Visa General Manager Levant, he said: “Visa is striving to take the lead in the electronic trade field and further develop it. With numerous newly developed electronic payment technologies and techniques, we offer our clients new features in the world of modern day shopping and payment. Paying with Visa is no longer limited to a physical card or to points of sale, now our clients can pay at any time and in any place using electronic payment methods with the same level of security and flexibility.”


“Through Visa Digital Platform, we provide our partners with an opportunity to develop payment methods using the safe and secure systems of Visa, whether payments are made through waving, scanning, or clicking. Thanks to the recently released Visa Token Service, the physical card is no longer needed since this technology can replace the account’s personal information, such as the 16-digit account number with a special digital code called Token Number Service which can be used to execute financial transaction on the internet, through the applications, and in shops; while protecting the personal data of cardholders and guaranteeing that no third party has access to any of this data.”


“We are proud of our deep-rooted partnership with BLOM BANK and the strong collaboration between the two teams as we launch the Visa Token Service in the local market. I would like to thank everyone from BLOM BANK and Visa who contributed in making this project a success, hoping for more successful endeavors.”



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