BLOM BANK Believes that the Main Hope of a Nation Resides in the Good Education of Its Youth And Distributes Scholarships and Prizes Amounting to USD 200,000 Mr. Saad Azhari: The rising generation helps in building a modern country where prosperity and Peace of Mind reign


BLOM BANK S.A.L. Head office- September 19, 2016: Under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, his Excellency Mr. Elias Bou Saab, represented by the Director General of Education, Mr. Fadi Yarak, BLOM BANK honored the top 100 baccalaureate graduates of 2016, on September 14th at The Unesco Palace – Beirut. Mr. Saad Azhari, Chairman and General Manager of BLOM BANK, welcomed in his speech the participants in this honoring ceremony “which is a recognition of scientific and academic distinction and a mechanism to stimulate more excellence in educational and professional fields.” Mr. Azhari congratulated the overachievers on their brilliance and wished them success and progress, praising the parents and teachers’ efforts in instilling the sense of excellence in the students. Mr. Azhari also stressed that “BLOM BANK is aware of the importance of enriching human capital and its role in economic and social life in the country, and strengthens this role through the BLOM shabeb program.” Mr. Fadi Yarak then delivered the speech of his Excellency Mr. Elias Bou Saab, expressing that “BLOM shabeb  program, which has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education constitutes a model as to engaging in community service, as part of the global trend of major institutions to be socially responsible.” Mr. Yarak announced on behalf of the Minister that “he admires the facilities offered by the program to students by unleashing their abilities, providing advices and guidance on conducting interviews, preparing a resume, organizing training courses and providing university scholarships for overachievers.” During the event, BLOM shabeb program – launched in 2010 – was introduced. This program aims at helping the Lebanese youth getting the best guidance as to planning their future. The said program even provides the youth with job opportunities through a chain of services and advices. This program targets high school and university students, as it gives them advice and instructions concerning different majors and various professional fields, as well as other services related to their career path and many field activities. BLOM BANK also carried out a draw where university scholarships were awarded to the following winning students from all across Lebanon: Nizar Mourtaja Bou Ezz, Hiam  Rifai Abou Khachfeh, Tala Fadi Al Sayed, Diana William Mehawej, Hassan Abdel Kader Ahmad Hammoud. Accordingly, a total of USD 200,000 in prizes was awarded by BLOM BANK during the event.



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