Bank Audi Launches the Next Generation Payment Solution for Taxi Drivers and Users



In line with its strategy to build and implement a cashless society in Lebanon, Bank Audi has launched the first of its kind next generation payment solution for taxi drivers in Lebanon. This new payment solution enables taxis to accept payments with MasterCard, Visa, PayPass and Paywave, thus providing consumers with payment ease and avoiding the risk of carrying cash.


“We live in an era where technology is leading more and more businesses to improve their services, and we are excited to be part of this innovation with the launch of our next generation Wireless Taxi Terminals,” said Randa Bdeir, Group Head of e-Payment Solutions and Card Services at Bank Audi. “Introducing innovative technology is an additional testimony of Bank Audi’s numerous endeavours to deliver safe and convenient payment solutions”, she added, especially since “Lebanese citizens expect flexibility and security when settling their taxi fares digitally.” With the newly implemented Wireless Taxi Terminals, transactions are processed and cards authorised in real-time, money is processed and settled to companies swiftly so that drivers can get back out to the next fare and that taxi users are satisfied. “Bank Audi is committed to providing solutions that make life easier, because we understand that there is an increasing need to save time and money, and this is yet another service we are proud to be the first to deliver in Lebanon” she underlined.


The Wireless Taxi Terminals payment service was developed to meet the needs of both travelling public and taxi drivers. It includes two control units:

  • The drivers’ control unit which is mounted in the front of the cab and allows drivers to enter each transaction, print receipts and login to their own secure portal.
  • The passengers’ PIN pad and card reader unit which is securely mounted in the passenger compartment. At the end of each trip, the PIN pad screen provides instructions to passengers who wish to pay by credit or debit card, as well as an encouragement to add a tip to the fare.


Wireless Taxi Terminals can accept swipe, Chip & PIN, and contactless transactions. The money from each transaction is credited directly to drivers’ or companies’ bank accounts.


Bank Audi is launching this service with Allo Taxi, Taxi Première, Charlie Taxi and Geryes Taxi, and will be rolling out The Wireless Taxi Terminals to other reputable taxi service providers in the coming months.


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