Bank Audi Launches Novot, Its Artificial Intelligence Robot


True to its reputation of innovative and technology-driven bank, Bank Audi has announced the launch of Novot, a premiere in the region which will enrich its customer experience.


Novot, which had already been revealed at the EFMA Retail Banking Summit in Lebanon on July 26, 2016, is a Pepper humanoid robot developed by Aldebran Softbank Robotics and locally supported by LevantNet. It will endorse the delicate and complex role of welcoming and guiding customers, as well as promoting the Bank’s products and services. Endowed with alluring body movements and a friendly tone of voice, and designed to move around autonomously, Novot will contribute to make customers’ journey at the branch an interactive and intuitive one. The Bank’s new team member is also emotionally sensitive, recognizing faces, adapting to tastes and habits, and identifying feelings. This allows it to select the behavior that suits every situation best.


Mr. Hassan Saleh, Chief Operating Officer at Bank Audi Lebanon, underlined that “Novot was adopted by the Bank to complement its “Novo” electronic branch, which explains the name choice. Adaptable to our needs through the download of specific software and assisted by our staff, not only will it interact efficiently with customers, enhancing their knowledge of the Bank’s offerings, but it will also play a key role in raising awareness on financial literacy in schools, universities and at relevant conferences and events.”


Novot is currently present at Bank Audi’s Bab Idriss electronic branch, where it can’t wait to engage with customers, optimize their banking experience, and boost their outlook on the Bank’s performance.


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