Renault Lebanon and Yasa: Together for Road Safety

Renault & Yasa Pic 2

Since February 2013, Renault Lebanon and Yasa have partnered in their aim to educate youth about road safety. This year, the group will address students from age 17 to 21 from different institutions and universities across Lebanon.

Yasa will begin by explaining Renault Group’s role in road safety education. Students will then put on Yasa provided virtual-reality glasses to simulate driving « inattentively, due to sleep deprivation or the influence of drugs or alcohol » in order to become aware of the impacts of risky behavior.

This particular road safety project is one of Renault Group’s core Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Renault Lebanon together with Yasa, engage road safety by developing solid and durable projects, and by encouraging young drivers to adopt responsible driving behaviors. Renault Lebanon adheres to Renault Group’s global standards and policies when it comes to road safety.