Cadillac join top designers at Lebanon’s first ‘Art of Dining’ Event

  • Event took place in collaboration with Architectural Digest
  • Cadillac in collaboration with DORIHITTIARCHITECTS
  • Cadillac 2017 XT5 makes an appearance on Lebanon’s roof tops

Beirut – Cadillac partnered with Architectural Digest for Lebanon’s first “Art of Dining” event that took place on April 27th in Beirut’s District//S. The event saw the region’s top architects and interior designers attend the one of a kind dining experience, with Cadillac’s table designed by renowned Lebanese interior decorator and architect Dori Hitti.

Guests of the event began their Cadillac experience with their drive to the venue, experiencing the diversity of the premium brand’s latest products including the CT6 flagship sedan, CTS Sedan, all-new XT5 cross-over and the world renowned Cadillac Escalade.

Further reinforcing the brand’s products, the completely new luxury crossover from Cadillac, the XT5, made a unique appearance on the rooftops in Beirut’s District//S, creating a first of its kind display in the country.

“The ‘Art of Dining Event’ brings together a passion for modern design and advanced technology that is shared by both Architectural Digest and Cadillac” said Farid Homsi, Chairman of Impex, the exclusive Cadillac dealer in Lebanon .

“The Cadillac image itself was an inspiration, and specifically the logo, where we felt the urge to create something sharp, futuristic, luxurious, yet minimalistic” added Dori Hitti.


Cadillac has been a leading luxury auto brand since 1902. Today Cadillac is growing globally, driven by an expanding product portfolio featuring dramatic design and technology.

The Cadillac portfolio for 2017 features award-winning passenger cars ATS, ATS Coupe, CTS and the First ever CT6 prestige sedan. It also features the Escalade SUV and the all new XT5 luxury crossover