Top Bulletins

  • Byblos Bank confirms its solid financial position at end 2016


SGBL-Sagesse Club-Mastercard

SGBL, Mastercard and La Sagesse Beirut Sports Club announce new partnership agreement

SGBL and Mastercard signed a partnership agreement with La Sagesse Beirut Sports Club. The signing took place in the Veterans Building of Collège La Sagesse in Achrafieh, in the presence of SGBL’s Executive Management, Mastercard Senior Representatives, the management and teams of La Sagesse Club, the schools and university directors, alumni and parents, as well


Bassoul-Heneine sal commemorates Mother’s Day with BMW ‘Mother’s Day Happy Box’

Beirut, Lebanon – Showing gratitude and appreciation to strong and admirable mothers, Bassoul-Heneine sal, the official BMW importer in Lebanon, produced the ‘Mother’s Day Happy Box’ maternity packs, which were then donated to the ‘Birth and Beyond’ Assameh. The packs were distributed to mothers in need at the Governmental Hospital of Beirut Quarantine. The initiative



Turn your house into a HOME with GS STOREY!

GS, the leading house of international brands, recently launched the addition of a home décor concept under the name, GS Storey. From providing the trendiest fashionable outfits, the brand now offers the chance to explore a sophisticated blend of innovative designs, fresh concepts and out of the box accessories from international brands and local talents.